What can I use these sounds for?

You can feel free to download, modify and redistribute any of the sound effects for your projects. All the sounds are licensed by creative commons and there are certain guidelines for each sound. Most sounds have a Creative Commons 0 license, which means you can literally do anything with them, as the creator of the sound has withdrawn all rights. If this is the case, you can use the sound in any way you want. No attribution or citing the creator is necessary.

You may come across sounds which are under the other creative commons license. This is very similar to the Creative Commons 0. You can download, modify and redistribute the sound. The only different is that this license requires you to cite the creator, cite the creative commons license agreement and state whether the sound was modified in any way.

How do you know which license corresponds with the sound you want? Simply look at the description underneath the sound title. It will have a direct link to the license agreement.

Can I use these sounds for commercial use?

Yes as long as you follow the created commons license guidelines for each sound.

How do I download the sounds?

There should be an Add to Cart Icon or a Purchase Icon underneath each of the songs or song effects. Simple press these icons to add them to the cart. When you are finished adding all the amazing sounds you can find, click the "Checkout icon" on the sidebar and follow the simple prompts to download the material.